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Try Outs

Tryout Schedule
No Tryouts are currently scheduled


Download Spring/Summer Tryout Form>


Competitive ages only (no U9 and U10), with more than one team!

Arrive 20 minutes before the tryout start time for registration and payment of the $15 tryout fee FREE IF YOU BRING A NEW PLAYER!!

Bring soccer ball, shoes, shin guards, & water.

Why are there tryouts?
Above are ages where there is more than one team in an age group. In cases where there are not enough for two teams, I encourage players to invite friends and school soccer players to come and tryout. First, we can build our numbers by holding tryouts.

Second, Westside has always been committed to placing players at the correct ability level to maximize individual skill and team development, as well as the enjoyment of the game. Players will benefit from the right level of challenge and success that playing at the correct level provides.

Third, this is competitive soccer (no non-competitive ages are trying out). Competition as it is set up by the rules of the MYSA obviously encourages clubs to field teams at the appropriate level so that the teams placed in leagues set up by MYSA are correctly matched. In addition, the promotion/relegation system that is instituted by MYSA, makes it important for clubs to field teams that will be successful in their league.

It is not in the interest of Westside to place players under undue stress brought on by tryouts. But, we do not want to hold players back from developing their skills by playing on a lower level team. To the best of our ability, Westside, through an open tryout method, and managing the numbers in each age group, will try to provide the best soccer experience for girls and boys playing on Westside teams next summer.