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Get ready for 2006! Registration



Soccer Registration

Registration Deadline: March 15, 2006

MANAGERS MEETING: 7-8:30 pm, Tues. Feb. 28

Jefferson School, 26th and Hennepin

NEXT BOARD MEETING:7-8:30 pm, Tues. Feb. 21

Jefferson School, 26th and Hennepin



Download Registration Forms
Download the following registration forms for the 2006 Soccer session. The registration form is a PDF and requires Adobe Acrobat to download.

Download Soccer Registration Information >
Download Soccer registration FORM>
Download Uniform order form >
Download MYSA consent form >
Download scholarship form >

Download payment schedule form >
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Welcome to old and new members of the Westside F. C. soccer family! Deadlines for timely player registration for 2006 competitive soccer are listed above. Incomplete registration forms will result in delay of registration and/or team assignment. A complete registration includes a filled out and signed Registration form, filled-out and signed Emergency Information Consent Form, copy of birth certificate or passport (if not already on file), and one of the following payment methods: correct payment, initial payment and payment plan request, or financial aid. All required documents must be in the possession of the registrar. Lack of these items will delay registration and make a player ineligible for a player card.

Westside F. C., a non-profit organization is an affiliate of the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA). As an affiliate member, we expect all players, coaches, parents, and volunteers to adhere to the "Code of Conduct" as outlined in the MYSA Policies & Rules Manual.

Westside F.C. is staffed primarily by volunteers. Without volunteers, we cannot function. The more people who volunteer, the lighter the load on any one person. If you willing to donate some of your time and talents to make the great game of soccer available to kids in our community, please contact Kim Sturdy, Club Administrator.

Filling Out the Forms: PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY USING BLACK INK and fill in every line. Cell numbers and e-mail addresses make it easier for your team coach/manager to get important information to you in a timely manner. Incomplete forms will be returned. Per MYSA Policies & Rules Manual, Sections and, parental signature on the registration form binds the player to Westside Football Club for the current soccer year, unless a transfer is initiated by the parent and approved by both clubs and district director involved.

Fees: Westside F.C. is a non-profit organization. Our fees are determined by the cost of our programs. Fees for competitive soccer pay for fields, field equipment, player cards, insurance, referees, coaches, coaching director, tournaments, club mailings, and administrative costs. Registration fees are determined by date of registration; see chart on registration form.

Payment Plans: If you are unable to pay the entire fee at once, payment plans are available. Send in an initial payment (required minimum of $112.50) and a completed Payment Schedule Request form (required with all partial payments). This form is available here, or by calling 763-493-5857 or contacting registrar@westsidesoccer.mn.org. All payment plans are subject to review and approval. All payment must be approved by the start of the season. Player cards will not be issued to anyone who has any outstanding balance for fees and/or uniforms.

Scholarships: Our goal is broad participation. To apply for a scholarship, send in a completed Financial Aid Request form (required for all scholarships). The form is available at www.westsidesoccer.mn.org, by calling Sandy Hager at 763-559-4523 or emailing shager1@comcast.net. The deadline for scholarship requests is March 1, 2005. The Scholarship committee will review all Financial Aid Requests and will notify all applicants. Scholarships do not include uniforms.

Scholarship Donations: Contributions to Westside F.C. are welcome throughout the year. Contributions may be included with registrations or sent to our Treasurer at any time. Westside F.C. is a bona fide, non-profit corporation: your donation is fully tax deductible. Give a kid a chance to play soccer!

Uniforms: All Westside players are required to wear the official club uniform. Uniforms may change every few years due to product revisions from our vendors. Every effort is made to ensure the longevity of our uniforms. Questions regarding uniforms should be forwarded to Beth Ogren, 612-922-1625 or pbogren@juno.com.

Registration Form Requirements: You must include the completed and signed registration form, the completed and signed Emergency Information form, and either payment, partial payment with a Payment Schedule Request form, or a Financial Aid Request form. ALL REGISTRATIONS THAT ARE NOT COMPLETE MAY BE RETURNED TO SENDER WITHOUT PROCESSING.

Teams: Rosters can be based on tryouts and/or set in consultation between the coaching director and team coaches. Westside reserves the sole right to move athletes from one team to another. Our goal is to place every registrant on an age- and skill- appropriate team. Due to minimum and maximum roster constraints, that is not always possible. Players whose registrations are received after the registration deadline will be placed on teams as available. Your fee will be refunded if we cannot place your athlete on an appropriate team. There is a fee for voluntary withdrawal. Register early for best results.

Division Designations:
U9/U10 Developmental League-self-selected: Y4 Maroon for more experienced; Y5 Gold level for less experienced. (6V6). Roster limit: 12.
U11 Competitive-self-selected: Classic Maroon as the upper level; Classic Gold as the lower level. (8V8). Roster limit: 14.
U12 Competitive-Three levels, assigned based on U11 summer season standings: Classic 1, Classic 2, and Classic 3, with C3 level being broader based than the upper levels and C2 being broader than C1 (8V8). Roster limit: 14.
U13 & Competitive-Four levels: Premier, Classic 1, Classic 2, and Classic 3. Premier is the most competitive division
Up and Classic 3 the least competitive and the broadest based level. (11V11). Roster limit: 18.

For U12 and up teams, MYSA will not allow teams to self-select into Premier, Classic 1 and Classic 2 divisions. It promotes and relegates teams between divisions as it deems in the best interest of the sport. Newly formed teams (in which 2/3 or more the team have not played together in the previous summer) will start in Classic 3. MYSA's goal is to make Classic 3 the largest division, with Classic 1 and 2 limited to more committed and competitive teams.

Practices: Attendance at all practices is strongly encouraged and is essential to become a skilled player and to have a successful team experience. Practice schedules are determined by the team and coach together. Players should be contacted by their coach or manager about practice schedules. Westside F. C. will schedule training sessions with a staff coach, in addition to regular scheduled practice. Lack of attendance at practices only hurts you and the team. Coaches may reduce playing time based on practice attendance at their discretion.

Tournaments: Tournaments are a great way to build the continuity and teamwork of your team. Most tournaments guarantee your team 2-3 games in the course of a weekend -sometimes more if they win. During the summer, many teams enter 2-3 tournaments in addition to their league play. These fees are the responsibility of the participants. Teams should register early (February and March for Summer) and by posted dates for all post-season play. Visit the MYSA Website at www.mnyouthsoccer.org for more information on tournament details and availability.

Summer Season: League play will begin Monday, May 8, 2006.

Play for U9/U10 must completed by Friday, July 20, 2006. The U9-U10 Jamboree will be held on Saturday, July 8.

Play for U11-U19 must be completed by Tuesday, July 11, 2006. District Tournaments will be held between July 12-July 18. State Tournament begins July 28-August 4 with rain dates of August 5 and 6.

Game Schedule: Game schedules are handed out at the Mandatory Summer Coaches Meeting, Saturday, April 29.


Mail to:
Kim Sturdy
8763 Queens Gardens North
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

e-mail >sturdyk@osseo.k12.mn.us

Questions about Spring 2006 Registration?
Sandy Hager
e-mail >

Steve Prince

e-mail >