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Our fundamental goal today continues to be to encourage broad participation in the great game of soccer.  Soccer is a fun sport that has much to offer kids - physical activity,  camaraderie and competition.  At the same time it teaches important life lessons like the value of team play, commitment, hard work and good sportsmanship.  We are working to extend the opportunity to play competitive soccer to different parts of our community.

We strive to provide the coaching and competition our kids need to become the best players they can be.  We are also working to help our coaches improve their skills through coaching clinics and support for advanced coaching licenses.   We have developed a successful summer soccer camp between the summer and fall seasons.  Our winter indoor program gives kids the opportunity to improve their skill the year round. 

Most importantly, Westside believes in the idea of good sportsmanship and fair play.  Sport can be a means of community bridge-building.  That handshake at the end of the game is a big deal.  It would be terrific if both sets of parents walked across the field and did the same thing!

Our club has always been run by volunteers.  It is constantly renewing itself as some kids pass through the program and others begin.  The continued success of the club depends on parents who recognize its value and offer some of their time to make it work.  Please step forward and lend a hand - your kids and community will thank you.